Political implications

This project plans to empower every person.

Some people currently hold objectives that involve dealing death and destruction to the lives and property of others. The transition from warring to peaceful will not be instantaneous.

Peace can only be maintained through individuals being prepared for war, and through open communication (in the realm of communication we recommend Landmark Education).

Many people who currently hold power over other people that hasn't been freely granted to them, will lose that power. That loss of power shouldn't materially affect anyone's lifestyle, where that lifestyle already respects the lives, freedom, and property of others.

Democracy may be the most inefficient form of government ever developed, and it is also the most stable.

Benign dictatorships are efficient, but are impossible to guarantee that they remain benign.

Democratic government for all, at many levels, is the likely outcome. This may include democratic monarchies, presidents, etc ....

Individuals may choose to delegate their power to other individuals or to bodies corporate for a time, and no individual may ever abrogate completely their responsibility to exercise their power.

My Standing for Mayor of Kaikoura in the 2016 Local body elections.

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Ted Howard, 1 Maui St, Kaikoura, NEW ZEALAND