Exponential growth creates wealth.

We are used to thinking of growth in terms of a few percent per year.

Get used to thinking of exponential growth of 100% every few weeks.

A machine can do that.
All that is required is that it be able to make a copy of itself.
Each time the existing machines make a copy of themselves, the energy capture and wealth creation potential is doubled.

Every ten doublings gives an increase of 1,024 (close to 1,000).

Thus to get to a billion (1,000,000,000) is thirty doublings.
With a doubling time of 2 weeks, it would take sixty weeks (just over a year) to increase from 1 to a billion machines.
In about two years we could increase the total wealth of humanity by a billion fold.

Once it becomes clear to leaders that this project can succeed, no-one can afford not to be involved.

Once people think through the options (the military, economic, and political dimensions), the alternatives to cooperation are not survivable.

This will result in global cooperation on a level not previously seen, and will be the seed of a new era and realm of development.